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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

In order to successfully scale blended and personalized learning, we need to build the capacity of those doing this critical work. Leaders and educators are the most effective agents for pushing blended and personalized learning at scale. In order to support them in this work, we need to be strategic with not only our approach to training but our approach to professional learning as a whole.

Here are four main components needed to “train your people” in a rigorous, personalized, and authentic fashion:

Offer Personalized Supports

Once you understand where each adult learner is in terms of needs and strengths, you can start personalizing an approach to help them master the content at hand. To do this you need to make sure that the professional learning is not only aligned to their needs but also allows the learner to take ownership of their learning and make choices around content, path, place, etc.

By modeling best practices and giving each educator access to the content in a way that resonates and engages them, you are:

  • Helping teachers experience personalized and competency-based learning as learners
  • Aligning to competencies, with a focus on individual need
  • Offering differentiated supports through different modalities
  • Continually assessing learning which will inspire your adult learners to do the same with their students
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  • Clear Filters
  • Grade
    • K-5
    • 6-8
    • 9-12
  • Audience
    • Educator
    • School Leader
    • District Administrator
    • Coach/Consultant
    • Policy/Decision-Maker
    • Researcher
    • Community Member/Industry
  • Stage
    • Getting Started
    • Underway
    • Advanced

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