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Video Pairing

Pair a video with an activity to make the learning more active


Videos can be a great way for students to learn instructional content. Students can learn at their own pace with videos by pausing and rewinding. Videos also allow for students to learn asynchronously, which enables the teacher to form small groups and carry out targeted instruction. Since purely watching a video can sometimes become a passive learning experience, it is important to pair this with an activity that ensures it is engaging, effective, and offers opportunities for quick checks for understanding (CFUs). Teachers can also gather data from these activities to informally assess students and gauge their understanding on a basic level. Examples of activities students can complete while watching a video include:

  • Filling out an interactive handout. These may be paper-based or technology-based (e.g., Google Docs or Google Forms).

  • Responding to reflection questions at various stopping points. Students can write their responses or record their reflections in video (e.g., FlipGrid) or audio (e.g., Kaizena) formats.

  • Answering questions that are embedded in the video that check for understanding. Tools like EdPuzzle and PlayPosit enable creation of interactive videos.

Using a tech tool for students to complete these activities makes it easy for teachers to view student responses and get a pulse on where students are in their understanding. This is also powerful to do with remote and in-person students simultaneously so all students can participate in the same activities – regardless of location.

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