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Virtual Class Kickoff

Starting each day virtually with a warmup and a plan


When starting off each day in a virtual setting, it is vital for teachers to bring students together and set a plan for the day. Having students aligned on their goals and prepared for the day ahead of them can help students successfully accomplish their tasks and stay on course, regardless of whether they are attending live classes or completing asynchronous work.


Each student starts off their day in a live, synchronous session – which can range from 15 to 60 minutes – with their teacher and peers. Cameras are encouraged to be on for additional social interaction and to visually check in on the student each day. Here are some variations of a virtual class kickoff implemented by current virtual schools:

  • Class Huddle: Teachers at ASU Prep Digital require students to log into the morning class huddle from 8 to 8:50 AM each day. During this time, they review a weekly plan, ask students to set goals, and incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) activities such as icebreakers, emotion check-ins, spotlight student achievements, and more.

  • Morning Launch: When students log in at The Forest School Online each day, they start with the morning launch, which includes a question of the day and a Socratic launch activity (e.g., watch a video, participate in an icebreaker) that gets them moving and talking. The 15-minute morning launch helps build culture among the students and sets the tone for the day. View the daily schedule for students at The Forest School.

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