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Virtual Manipulatives

Students show conceptual understanding of math concepts using virtual tools


Physical math manipulatives, like base-10 blocks and fraction blocks, are great tools that students can use to explore math conceptually and use them to help solve math problems. In a remote setting, virtual math manipulatives are great substitutes for the tangible, physical manipulatives themselves. Students can similarly use virtual math manipulatives on assessments to help them solve questions and also to demonstrate mastery in creative ways by:

  • A synchronous, one-to-one oral assessment: Students can use manipulatives in a one-to-one virtual oral assessment by sharing their screen on a platform like Zoom or Google Meet as they solve the problem.

  • Recording themselves solving a problem: Students can record their screens as they use manipulatives and narrate how they are solving a problem.

  • Embedding manipulatives in assessment: Using technology tools like Desmos, students can use embedded math manipulatives to show how they solved problems.

Some free websites that provide virtual math manipulatives include: