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With remote learning now happening in homes, at community centers, at day care centers, and with relatives, friends, and other caregivers, it is important that all those supporting learning have the tools and resources they need to feel confident and ready to engage with their students.

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Most Popular Resources for Community Members & Caregivers

Two laptops set beside each other on a table
Separate School and Home Devices

Providing high quality devices for each student at school, as well as loaner devices they can take home

Creative Commons logo along with licensing logos
Creative Commons Basics

How Creative Commons licensing supports OER

image of KIPP-2-strat.png
Increasing Engagement and Work Completion Through Advising and Mentoring (KIPP DC)

How a virtual school increased levels of student engagement

image of RLImprovement_strat.jpg
Remote Learning: Planning for Improvement

Power Moves for Remote Learning

image of SWOW-2-strat.png
Increasing Student Buy-In with Targeted Communications (NYC SWOW)

How a hybrid program encouraged higher attendance and engagement through fieldwork

image of NewportNews-LC.png
Newport News' Approach to Social Connections in Virtual Learning

How a school prioritized building connections to center students in virtual learning

image of Carrabus-strat.png
Addressing Student Engagement Through Hybrid Project-Based Learning (Cabarrus Virtual Academy)

How a virtual school engaged students through project-based learning

Two students, one showing a peace sign, draping her arm around another student's shoulders
Highlighting Essential Habits for Developing Excellence in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Determining and committing to “Core Compass Habits” that promote student social and emotional growth

image of KJ-2-strat.png
Setting Clear Expectations for Student Engagement (KJ Virtual Academy)

How an online program increased student engagement through expectations for behavior

image of Gulfport-LC.png
Gulfport Virtual Academy's Approach to Targeted, Relevant Virtual Learning

How a virtual school made instruction targeted and relevant to center students

image of PCCS-LC.png
P-CCS' Approach to Student-Centered Virtual Learning

Centering students in virtual learning with mastery-based instruction

image of Cabarrus-LC.png
Cabarrus Virtual Academy's Approach to Active Engagement in Virtual Learning

How a virtual academy integrated active engagement into their program

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Community Voices
Woman typing at computer with view of chart behind her
During one of our many deep dives into the black hole of internet searches, looking for strategies and tips you can use to #ReThinkHighSchool, we came across a holy grail of resources from The Learning Accelerator. They analyzed hundreds of schools and systems nationwide to identify the best instructional and operational practices for implementing blended and personalized learning. Here’s the best part: All of these resources are easy-to-find with an awesome category system you can filter by topic, grade, and audience.
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