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Highlighting Essential Habits for Developing Excellence in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Determining and committing to “Core Compass Habits” that promote student social and emotional growth


The social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, Compass, at Valor focuses on 10 core Habits that represent excellence in each of their five Compass Disciplines: True North, Sharp Mind, Big Heart, Noble Purpose, and Aligned Actions. Students primarily develop these habits through their self-directed Badge Work. Faculty also provide supplementary development for students through lessons given during a specific SEL class that occurs weekly.

Valor aligns two habits to each Compass Discipline:

  • True North: Habits of Center: Presence & Balance
  • Sharp Mind: Habits of Mind: Curiosity & Diversity of Perspective
  • Big Heart: Habits of Heart: Courage & Kindness
  • Noble Purpose: Habits of Being: Identity & Joy
  • Aligned Actions: Habits of Doing: Determination & Integrity

The development of each habit is mapped out into seven phases spanning across grades 5-12. In Compass Class, the primary in-school time dedicated to Badge Work, students work on: building enduring understandings and skills in each habit, tracking their individual progress, and demonstrating competency through thoughtful progress toward their goals in coaching sessions with Compass Teachers.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Valor is piloting academic habits - growth mindset & self-efficacy, relevance/value, belonging, deliberate practice, and goal setting - focusing on the development of these habits through deeper learning projects in core content classes.

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