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To create the conditions for effective blended/personalized instructional practices in schools, explore these key resources below.

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Most Popular Resources for School & System Leaders

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Evaluating Programs

Discover TLA's approach and recommendations to evaluating programs

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Conducting Pilots

Learn about conducting a pilot

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Impact on Student Outcomes

Explore TLA's research on student outcomes

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Remote Learning: Planning for Improvement

Power Moves for Remote Learning

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Virtual, Hybrid, and Remote Learning Research

Explore TLA's research around virtual, hybrid, and remote learning

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Professional Learning

Explore TLA's research on professional learning

Two laptops set beside each other on a table
Separate School and Home Devices

Providing high quality devices for each student at school, as well as loaner devices they can take home

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Research Partnerships

Explore TLA's research partnerships

image of TeacherCreativity_strat.png
Creativity in Schools

Measuring and understanding teachers' perceptions and practices related to creativity

Teacher leans over desk, writing on paper, with students nearby
Know-Wonder-Learn (KWL) Chart

Building in opportunities and connection

Creative Commons logo along with licensing logos
Creative Commons Basics

How Creative Commons licensing supports OER

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Residency Research

Explore TLA's residency research

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School & System Leader Voices
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The network provides dedicated time to collaborate around the victories, the struggles, and the future of personalized learning. We learn from one another. We challenge one another. And when the common issues we face are brought to the table, we are able to rise together to meet them.
Innovation Directors Network (IDN) Participant