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6-8 Week Data Cycles

Mastery assessments every 6-8 weeks to measure student progress and identify learning needs


Students at Roots take a benchmark assessment every 6-8 weeks. K-2 Common Core standards are broken down into levels ranging from 0.5 - 9. Ideally students grow one level on each assessment. While not every student moves up a level, these assessments provide teachers with deeper insight into what their students know. After the assessment, teachers get a full day to spend with the data to determine how they should adjust students’ learning paths and resources given the new information.

Student Does

  • Takes a benchmark assessment every 6-8 weeks.

Teacher Does

  • Assigns a benchmark assessment every 6-8 weeks.
  • Spends a full day reviewing each student’s progress on benchmark assessments.
  • Uses data to adjust student learning pathways.

Technology Does

  • Provides online assessment that is automatically scored and fed into data sheet.
  • Provides easy to use data sheet for analyzing student progress.

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