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Accountability Partners

Student meetings with a partner to help them meet learning goals


Lovett students have accountability partners as a support system for their work. Students are paired together and check-in with each other weekly during independent learning time. A primary goal of the check-in is to see how their partner is doing. Students share their goals and progress and see how they can support each other. While the structured check-ins happen weekly, support can happen throughout the week if necessary.

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Connected Strategies)

Student Does

  • Shares data with accountability partner.

  • Discusses weekly goals and progress towards those goals with accountability partner.

  • Challenges accountability partner if needed (e.g. “do you think you can aim for a higher RIT score?”).

  • Checks in with accountability partner to see how they’re doing overall (beyond academics) and if there’s anything they need help on.

Teacher Does

  • Helps students choose accountability buddies that will be most helpful to each other (based on personality, skill level, etc.).

Technology Does

  • Provides easily shareable documents, projects, and presentations that partners can review for each other.