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Advice: Common Sense Education

Resources for teachers and families on digital citizenship


Technology is a critical part of realizing the promise of blended and personalized learning at scale, and it remains ubiquitous in society at large. Therefore, we must ensure our students’ privacy and safety in the digital age.

Common Sense Education, an arm of the national non-profit Common Sense Media, has created and curated resources to help educators build a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of technology. Their website includes resources for:

  • Digital Citizenship: The K–12 digital citizenship program covers comprehensive learning resources for students, teachers, and family members. Students build skills around critical thinking, ethical discussion, and decision-making. The program addresses real challenges for teachers and students to help schools navigate cyberbullying, internet safety, and other digital dilemmas.
  • EdTech Reviews: Common Sense provides in-depth reviews and curated "best-of" lists to help teachers identify the right tools for them. Additional resources including implementation strategies are also covered.
  • Professional Development & Advice: The site includes articles, helpful tips, training materials, and monthly webinars, in addition to an ambassador program for educators, schools, and districts.