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Advice: Recommended OER Resources

Resources for educators looking for Open Education Resources


If you are a district administrator or educator interested in Open Educational Resources for your classrooms, we recommend you check out the resources below:

  • Open Up Resources - Expert, standards-aligned full-course curriculum for English Lanugage Arts and Math.
  • EngageNY - Full-course curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • OER Commons - OER Commons is an open digital library containing an extensive collection of vetted instructional resources for K-12 educators.
  • Gooru - Gooru Learning provides a free collection of open educational standards-aligned resources. It also tracks student progress through data analytics.
  • CK-12 - CK-12 offers free and openly licensed standards align instructional materials which often include advanced technological aspects such as simulations and videos.
  • LearnZillion - LearnZillion offers high-quality OER through a cloud-based platform in both K-12 math and English Language Arts.