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Common Behavior Management Techniques

Using multiple systems to monitor, share, and support student behavior


Roots employs a variety of techniques to provide students the right type of behavioral feedback and support.

One of the primary systems is ClassDojo, which is updated throughout the day with “Dojo Ups” for positive behaviors and “Dojo Downs” for negative ones. This information can be seen in real time by educators and students’ families, allowing for immediate interventions if necessary.

Teachers are also able to leverage these data to provide positive reinforcement. This occurs throughout the day in real time, but also every morning during morning circle. Before the academic day starts, the entire school gathers in the cafeteria to discuss announcements and make “shout-outs.” Although this session only lasts 5-10 minutes, every teacher is moving through the room providing positive support for students. They are able to better identify which students need it most based on the previous day's data, as well as during the preceding Habits of Success class and breakfast.

Roots Behavior Management-Shout Outs

Roots makes use of a “community violation” (CV) process for larger behavioral issues. When these occur, teachers fill out the community violation reflection form and shares the information with the teaching team. If necessary, the teacher removes a disruptive child from learning activities. A Habits of Success teacher will see that the child has received a CV and have a one-on-one session with them as soon as possible (usually within the hour) to provide support to the student to address the behavior and return them as quickly as possible back to class.

Teachers also use a group messaging app, called GroupMe, that they use to communicate about student behaviors and needs throughout the day.

Student Does

  • Engages in behavior feedback and support when necessary.
  • Shares daily behavioral summary with family.
  • Shares community violation with family (if applicable).

Teacher Does

  • Provides behavioral feedback to students through positive and negative reinforcement.
  • Inputs and reviews behavioral data through ClassDojo.
  • Engages with students who have violated community norms or need other behavioral support.
  • Shares behavioral information with families and other teachers as needed.

Technology Does

  • Provides data system to better understand daily and longer term student behavior trends.
  • Provides an easy-to -read -and -share behavior summary for families.
  • Provides a light touch information sharing system between teachers (GroupMe).

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