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Daily, Weekly, and Long-Term Student Groupings

Employing multiple grouping approaches to meet immediate needs as well as provide stable working teams


Student are grouped in multiple ways over the course of the year.

  • Long-term groups are formed every 6-8 weeks. These groups stay pretty consistent over that course of time.
  • Additional groups are created weekly based on data and feedback teachers are receiving.
  • Sometimes student groups may be created or changed daily if there is a common instructional need to be met and the calendar allows for it.

Open time on students’ calendars is filled by independent, self-directed work time, where software provides instructional prompts through individual playlists, such as: using a program, reading, writing, or use of the maker space.

Student Does

  • Follows their student schedule

Teacher Does

  • Uses data to develop long-term, weekly, and daily groupings
  • Schedules students using Root's calendar app
  • Creates playlists for students' self-directed learning

Technology Does

  • Provides student data for analysis
  • Allows teachers to select groups of students for scheduling of small-group and one-to-one instruction

Strategy Resources

Creating Individual Learning Playlists at Roots

At Roots Elementary, teachers create individualized playlists that scholars work through during independent learning time. Learn More