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Defaulting to Individual Playlists

Creating rules in the calendar app to ensure students are always learning in a personalized way during instructional time


Roots scholars know to follow their independent playlists if not assigned to a small group or conference. Given the young age of students, they only see their current learning activity at any given time on the iPad.

Roots Default to Playlist

Screenshot of Roots Grove Playlist Backend

Student Does

  • Looks at their iPad to determine where they need to be during a transition.
  • Either works with a teacher or works through their playlist, depending on their schedule.

Teacher Does

  • Creates learning playlists for students.
  • Schedules differentiated instructional approaches for students throughout the day.

Technology Does

  • Shows the next learning activity in each student’s customized playlist if the student’s schedule does not have any group work or teacher time scheduled for them.

Strategy Resources

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