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Differentiating Units & Classes at a High Level

Placing students in low, medium, and high classes based on previously demonstrated knowledge


Within each learning pod (grades 2-3 and grades 4-5), there are low, medium, and high classes. Students are placed in these classes based on their ability level, using their NWEA RIT score as a starting point. Students take the NWEA at the beginning, middle, and end of each year, and teachers change student placement based on performance throughout the year.

Placement of students in these leveled classes is flexible and based on their knowledge of content covered. For example, a student with low informational text skills but strong vocabulary skills would learn in the “high” class during the vocabulary unit, and learn informational text in the “low” class during the informational text unit, ensuring they receive personalized instruction and resources.

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Demonstrated Strategies)

Student Does

  • Takes MAP test to attain RIT score.
  • Progresses through content as assigned by teacher.

  • Switches classes and pods based on skills within particular content areas (during core content blocks).

Teacher Does

  • Analyzes RIT score to determine students ability level and appropriate grouping within the pods.
  • Analyzes classroom performance and potential personality “fit” for appropriate grouping within the pods.

  • Schedules core content blocks at same time as other teachers so students can move freely between classes without having to change schedules.

  • Modifies student groupings within pods based on skill level for certain content.

Technology Does

  • Provides assessment tool to determine benchmark for various skills (NWEA).

  • Provides data repository via Learner Profiles to determine student progress and groupings.

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