Flexible Daily Small Group Instruction

Customized groupings to address learning needs and create team experts for specific learning objectives


The teacher is able to see what every student is working on each day and can pull students working on similar learning objectives into groups as appropriate. Small group members are usually pulled from several different teams. After receiving small group instruction, students can go back to their teams as “experts” and share their knowledge. These groups are created each day based on where the teacher identifies the greatest need by analyzing data from her dashboard.



Student Does

  • Receives direct, small group instruction in back of class when prompted by the teacher.
  • Serves as an expert for that topic in case teammates have questions.

Teacher Does

  • Analyzes data to determine trends within the class.
  • Selects small groups based on student progress data.

Technology Does

  • Provides a platform for easy data analysis to quickly create small groups when there is a need.