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Formative Assessment Tool: Plickers

Collecting formative assessment data instantly with minimal technology use


Teachers commonly use Plickers, a free real-time formative assessment tool, to pre-assess at the beginning of content blocks. This tool does not require student use of technology for data collection. It allows all students to publicly answer a question using their personal QR code sheet, that can only be read by a scanner, so all students can answer simultaneously.

Student Does

  • Follows teacher prompts and answers the question by holding up a “Plicker card” with a QR code that corresponds to a multiple choice answer.

Teacher Does

  • Explains the topic of the pre-assessment to students.
  • Displays the question and answer options via projector for students, while also reading each outloud.

  • Requests that students hold up their “Plicker card” with the QR code that corresponds to their answer.

  • Scans the students’ cards with their iPhone using the Plicker App.

  • Checks the Plicker data display to make sure every student has submitted a response.

Technology Does

  • Quickly reads student answers and populates them in a data set so teachers can immediately see which students have answered and the percent correct for the class.
  • Provides private data to the teacher that illustrates which students got specific questions right and wrong, allowing the teacher to modify student Learner Pathways as needed.

Strategy Resources

Plickers Data Screenshot

This screen shows data analyzed from Plickers. Learn More

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Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without... Learn More

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Immediate, relevant, feedback is one of the most effective ways to facilitate learning. Responsive devices can help teachers provide this type of feedback while collecting data that teachers can use to adjust instruction.

Learn more about the evidence that supports Response Devices at Digital Promise Global's Learner Positioning System.