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Teachers as Coaches (“Pride Leaders”) for Small Groups

Teachers mentoring “Prides” and providing individual social-emotional learning coaching


Valor teachers also serve as Pride Leaders (mentors) for students. A Pride Leaders is a student’s and a family’s point-person within the Valor community. Playing this role provides teachers additional opportunities to interact with students outside the traditional academic setting. Pride Leaders help students progress through the phase system, which includes Badge Work coaching and facilitation of Circle for a recurring small group of students - a Pride.

Pride Leaders provide one-on-one academic and SEL coaching to their students, usually during one of two highly intentional times throughout the week: Compass Class (one hour) or Pride Time (approximately thirty minutes each day, Monday through Thursday). Compass coaching helps ensure students are progressing through their self-directed Badge Work and supports preparation for Circle.

Student Does

  • Brings in their SEL work and reviews it to identify roadblocks or points of confusion with the Pride Leader.
  • Prepares to share their work in Circle.

Teacher Does

  • Makes sure students are progressing at a reasonable pace.
  • Monitors student progress through the Pride Coaching Tool.
  • Checks in with student to ensure they have a complete grasp of the content.
  • Provides tips and strategies for helping students complete their work.
  • Helps students think through key takeaways from their Badge Work and ensures readiness to present this information to their Pride during Circle.

Strategy Resources

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Screenshot of a spreadsheet showing tracking and coaching for a Pride. The spreadsheet shows the current phase of a project, whether or not the project is on track, coaching notes (such as “Finished BH, on SM, turned in CS, done with SM, presenting NP 9/1), initial markers (Sharp Mind, Noble Purpose, Mastery Markers, Phase Pres), and Commitment markers (Badges 1-5, Mastery Markers, Phase Pres)