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Integrating Online Programs to Differentiate Learning

Personalizing content by student need, with bounded student choice


Trailblazer employs a variety of online programs as part of their blended instruction. Some of these programs are core to the instruction, others are chosen by teachers for specific student needs. Students are also able to choose some of their own work online.

Student Does

  • Based on their assessment data, possibly chooses which program to use.
  • Utilizes programs to learn and practice new skills.

  • Sets weekly goals in some programs (e.g., ST Math).

  • Tracks and progresses through weekly goals.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews student data to determine modifications to their learning trajectory.

  • Decides which interventions will be technology-based and which will be teacher-based.

  • Outlines the interventions in Learner Pathways for students to follow based on assessment data.

Technology Does

  • Provides specific content and practice for academic skills and learning objectives.

  • Provides adaptive content to create a continuum of learning and practice.

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