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West Belden's Personalized Educator Learning

Modeling for teachers to help them implement for students


In 2014-2015, West Belden offered four different tracks that educators could choose (e.g., mastery-based learning) and provided in-depth professional development for each of those tracks. While this allowed for greater choice, West Belden wanted to offer greater personalization based on school and individual need. In 2015-2016, they identified the highest need areas for professional development and created two cycles of professional development: one focused on Learner Profiles, and the other emphasizing Personalized Learning Plans.

During the first cycle, educators were able to set their own goals within the larger content topic (e.g., mastery exhibition within Learner Profiles), and are even encouraged to seek out their own learning resources. From there, they create action step goals that are more specific and time dependent, which will be reviewed by an administrator or mentor for feedback. During the second cycle, educators are grouped by readiness, which is determined by growth from the first cycle. Continual feedback from administrators, mentors, and other teachers is provided throughout.

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