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Reading Interventions

Using real-time data to address Learners’ reading needs


Every day Lindsay High School Learners spend 20 minutes reading to practice reading fluency. The most common programs used are Reading Plus, Lexia, and DuoLingo. Use is dependent on Learners needs. The Facilitator can instantly see progress data and address any Learners that look like they may be struggling in real time.

Class Data: Reading Plus

This is a photo of the class data dashboard for Reading Plus.

Class Data: Lexia

This is a photo of the class data dashboard for Lexia.

Student view: Reading in ReadingPlus

This is a photo of what a student sees when reading in Reading Plus.

Student Does

  • Reads in Reading Plus program.
  • Learners who aren’t at Reading Plus level yet work on Lexia or DuoLingo.

Teacher Does

  • Monitors class and progress on central monitor showing Learner progress.
  • Receives instant data and intervenes with Learners when necessary.

Technology Does

  • Differentiates reading selections according to ability.
  • Provides a reading “bar” to aim for to help keep Learners on task.
  • Changes speed of the reading "bar" as students read faster, removes it for students who no longer need it.

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