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ReNEW's Scheduling to Bridge Mastery-Based Needs and Time-Based Requirements

Two blocks of time to differentiate between direct and blended mastery-based instruction


The mastery-based math pilot is happening within the context of the larger school structure, which uses a more traditional approach in which grade level standards are expected to be taught over a set period of time. Given this, the teacher divides time between direct instruction against the network-wide scope and sequence and independent student learning.

During the first time block, the students' dedicated daily math time, the class is divided in half. One half receives direct instruction while the other half progresses through their work independently. The first time block lasts approximately one hour.

The second block of time is a conferencing block created by ReNEW Dolores T. Aaron Academy, during which all teachers throughout the school use data to do intervention. Educators are not confined to teaching a single subject during the conferencing block, but the math teacher received such great feedback from students about their self-directed learning that it was extended into the conferencing block as well. During conference time, all of the students are progressing through independent work and the teacher is able to move freely through the class to provide monitoring, prompts, and support. The conferencing block lasts 45 minutes.