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Sharing Mastery Data Transparently Across the Class

Allowing students to see each other’s scores to better enable student support and growth


The entire class can see how each student has performed on each standard. This practice is the manifestation of a class culture focused on growth, where a student who has improved from 10% to 30% is celebrated as much as a student who mastered a standard in the same amount of time. The sharing of data also allows students to see who has mastered certain standards and seek those students out for help when they are stuck.

Student Does

  • Views class data sheet to determine who might be helpful as a partner or someone providing support.
  • Celebrates classmates’ growth in math skills, not just their absolute performance.

Teacher Does

  • Begins each class sharing student data and helping match students working on the same standard.
  • Ends each class with “shout-outs,” celebrating a variety of positive activities, including student growth.
  • Helps create a class culture where academic growth is celebrated as much as academic excellence.

Technology Does

  • Provides a data sheet so teacher and students can easily determine who has mastered what standard.

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