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Learner Accountability for Grading

Learner responsibility to ensure the gradebook reflects their most recent learning progress


Lindsay High School Facilitators input grades through the Empower system (formerly Educate). Given the mastery-based system, grading is a bit more fluid than traditional approaches. A Learner may submit an essay, for example, and receive a 2.5 on an assignment (on a grading scale of 4), but then revise that assignment, or complete a different assignment, so that their score improves to a 3.0 or higher. While Learners benefit from being able to improve and show their mastery at any time, multiple assignments or multiple versions of the same assignment create logistical issues for Facilitators.

To help ease the burden of additional grading, Facilitators empower Learners to take ownership of their grades. While the grade Learners see in their Learning Management System is often the most-up-to-date one, occasionally there is a discrepancy, such as a Facilitator grading an assignment but not yet inputting it into the system. Learners are responsible for monitoring their grades and bringing up any discrepancies with the Facilitator.

Student Does

  • Takes ownership of their learning by managing their grades.
  • Reviews their grades and discusses any discrepancies with the Facilitator.

Teacher Does

  • Inputs Learner grades into system.
  • Discusses grade discrepancies that Learners identify.

Technology Does

  • Provides a simple system that both the Facilitator and Learner can use to view and discuss data.

Student View of Gradebook

This is a student view of the Educate/Empower gradebook.

Lindsayr Student View Of Educate Gradebook

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This is a student view of the Educate/Empower gradebook.