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Learner Choice of Mastery Level

Flexibility to meet minimum thresholds or aim for higher mastery to improve time management and ownership


After demonstrating complex knowledge in a learning objective (scoring a “3” on the rubric for that objective), Learners can choose if they want to show that they have advanced knowledge in that objective. While Lindsay High School strives for basic mastery, which they term “proficiency” across all topic areas for its Learners, it also sees providing Learners the option for deeper “mastery” as a high priority.

Student Does

  • Decides whether they want to pursue a “4” within a particular learning objective, after receiving a “3,” or whether they want to move on to the next learning objective.

Teacher Does

  • Provides Learners with the option of deeper learning for each learning objective.

Technology Does

  • Highlights how Learners are progressing through their learning objectives, helping them choose to go deeper or move on.
  • Provides resources for both deeper learning and additional learning objectives so Learners can act on their decision in real time.

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