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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

Triangulation of Data

Looking at data to determine appropriate Learners supports during Personalized Learning Time


Every Learner at Lindsay High School has Personalized Learning Time (PLT), two 90 minute blocks throughout the week where Learners are able to focus on their most important learning areas. English Language Arts Facilitators are able to look across multiple data sources - California English Language Development (CELDT) scores, Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) scores, Empower/learning software data - to identify areas where each Learner should focus their PLT and provide learning resources to help them move past their challenges. Facilitators look at these data individually, and also through collaborative “data chat” discussions with other teachers on a periodic basis.

Student Does

  • Determines where they need the most help in particular content areas.
  • Signs up for additional resources during Personalized Learning Time.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews Learner data to determine areas where support would benefit the Learner.
  • Provides additional resources they can assign to Learners, or allow them to sign up for, during Personalized Learning Time.

Technology Does

  • Allows Facilitators to quickly look across multiple data sources to determine Learners supports.
  • Creates a flexible scheduling system where Facilitators can create resources and Learners can sign up for them based on need.
  • Provides a resource repository for Learners to access different support elements.