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Weekly 1:1 Conferences

Structured time to discuss progress and plan


Teachers at West Belden see high value in spending a good amount of time individually with each student. While there is no “set schedule” for this, teachers aim to spend enough time to really understand where each student is in their learning path. This may only require a few minutes and occurs about once a week.

Student Does

  • Checks agenda and meets with the teacher when scheduled.
  • Explains their learning on a particular standard or skill.

Teacher Does

  • Listens to and understands student’s perspective of their progress.
  • Shares their own perspective of student progress.
  • Updates student's Personalized Learning Plan and/or Learner Profile as needed.

Technology Does

  • Provides a medium for shared data so students and teachers are talking about the same information.
  • Provides a medium for a shared agenda to help with scheduling conferences.