Working across grade levels

Flexible approach to standards to complete more than one year of content in an academic year


Learners in Lindsay High School English courses are able to simultaneously work through two years of content in a single year. For example, a skilled Learner may work on 9th grade standards in class and finish 10th grade standards at home, enabling the completion of two years of English in a single year. Facilitators who recognize students are ready for such a challenge can structure the Learners’s coursework in a way that allows them to work across grade levels. This strategy is enabled by two key factors:

  1. Lindsay High School allows Learners to move at a pace faster than a traditional time-based curriculum would. 
  2. High School Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts are grouped in bands for grades 9-10 and 11-12, allowing Lindsay High School flexibility in its course design for Learners.