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Advice: Identifying coherent use of terms

Explicitly questioning to understand if the same terms and language mean the same things when used across disciplines, sites, and areas of expertise.


In order for researchers and practitioners to engage in conversations that improve practice, it needs to be clear if and when we are using the same terms to mean the same thing.

Educators, decision-makers, researchers, and funders all have a role to play in documenting how common terms are used across different locations, and contexts.

Teacher Does

  • Shares the definitions and contexts being used in their work widely, both internally within their school and system, and externally with researchers and other interested community members.

Researcher Does

  • Shares widely the definitions and contexts being used in their work.
  • Pushes for progressively greater clarity about the exact nature of the interventions they are studying through rich descriptions and explicit definitions of both the interventions and the comparison conditions they are measuring.
  • Conducts qualitative investigations and implementation studies that illustrate how terms are being operationalized in classrooms and schools.

Funder Does

  • Share widely the definitions and contexts being used in their work.