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Advisory Class

Creating weekly time to support students’ personal growth


Once a week at Locust Grove, students engage in team building and set personal goals during their Advisory Period. Students are assigned the same Advisory teacher throughout all three years at Locust Grove, giving students access to a deep relationship with an additional adult outside of content classes. During this period, students and teachers work together, both 1:1 and as a group to:

    • Build out Learner Profiles: creating a holistic portrait of each student as a learner.
    • Reflect on student mastery: analyzing academic data and creating a portfolio tagged to Locust Grove’s competency framework.
    • Set personal and academic goals: creating action steps and tracking progress towards short and long-term goals.
    • Discuss progress towards cross-curricular projects: collaborating with other students and teachers in creating plans and problem solving progress, and building the habits and 21st-century skills to support student work.

During the Advisory period, teachers circulate and often conference with students, giving guidance and support in various activities, particularly setting goals. Teachers will often support students in creating SMART goals and reflecting on progress towards the goals.

Student Does

  • Builds out their Learner Profile with interests, preferences, a portfolio, and goals.
  • Analyzes and reflects on academic and personal data.
  • Sets and tracks progress towards short and long-term personal and academic goals.
  • Develops habits for success with cross-curricular projects.


Teacher Does

  • Builds relationships with and supports the same students during their time at Locust Grove.
  • Circulates and supports students in 1:1 conferencing.


Technology Does

Houses Learner Profile, student data, and goals.

Strategy Resources

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