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One-on-One Conferencing

Providing individual support to students to promote personal growth


Habits of Success Teachers serve as mentors for every student. Mentors have an hour of dedicated time every other day to pull students for individual coaching. Before a one-on-one session, mentors will talk with the Content Teachers to better understand the student’s academic goals for the week. Mentors use the academic goals to help set students’ schedules for the next week (or weeks), which students and mentors discuss during the one-on-one conferences.

Roots One-on-One Conferencing

Habit of Success teachers also work with students to assess and monitor growth of a student's Habits of Success skills. Conversations center around a subset of "Power Habits" that Roots believe are most important and appropriate given the students' developmental age and needed skills for success in learning.

Roots 1:1 Graph (Habits of Success Dashboard)

Student Does

  • Discusses Habits of Success and academic progress with their coach.
  • Chooses which Habits of Success goal(s) they want to work on.

Teacher Does

  • Evaluates student growth across the Habits of Success curriculum.
  • Records student growth, both academically and through Habits of Success.
  • Adjusts student learning playlists and schedules to reflect their interests and needs (in coordination with content teachers).

Technology Does

  • Provides a template for storing and sharing student interests to help inform instruction and support.
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface so teachers can change student schedules based on feedback.

Strategy Resources

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When students have the opportunity to reflect on their learning in relation to their learning goals, their motivation to learn, and understanding of how they learn, increase. Self-reflection also supports moving new knowledge into long-term memory, encourages appropriate help-seeking, and can grow positive beliefs about their abilities.

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