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Assessment Labs

Large classrooms designed for students to take assessments in and work through online content with minimal instructional support


Locust Grove built a separate learning space called the Assessment Lab, where students have 45 minutes each day to work independently in a quiet, focused environment. One of the primary goals of this block is to allow students to take online assessments (often via a tool called Illuminate), ensuring time in core content classes is dedicated to collaborative and group learning. For example, a student may show readiness for an assessment in class then take the assessment during lab time. Teachers can utilize the data from these assessments to inform instructional planning and personalize learning for each student. Students also have the option to independently work on their personalized Learner Pathways, do research for class projects, or build skills through adaptive intervention software.

The district supported Locust Grove in the creation of Assessment Labs. The district provided permission and resources to knock down walls between classrooms (a concept previously unheard of in the area). Locust Grove is also able to use its resources flexibly (including budgetary and human resources) by hiring multiple paraprofessionals to support students in the space. With groups of students in the Assessment Lab, class sizes have also decreased, allowing for more personalization and collaborative learning within classrooms.

Student Does

Teacher Does

  • Paraprofessionals circulate and support students, as needed.
  • Teachers coordinate with paraprofessionals and students to ensure assessments are completed.
  • Teachers pull data from assessments taken in the Lab to inform class instruction and personalized plans for students.

Technology Does

  • Administers online assessments and provides performance data for students and teachers.
  • Houses personalized Learner Pathways.
  • Facilitates intervention through adaptive software.

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