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Co-creation of schedules

Collecting feedback from students to create a personalized learning schedule


Habits of Success teachers work with students to help them determine what their learning schedules should look like. Given the age of the students, this is a highly structured process, but students are able to provide feedback about what types of learning activities and resources they like and don’t like. Ideally this process occurs every two weeks, though practically it often happens closer to every three weeks.

Content teachers are able to incorporate this feedback into students’ schedules. Even though some activities that students don’t like can’t be eliminated, modifications can still be made. For example, a teacher might select an activity they know a student is really good at to occur right after one they struggle in, to make sure the student maintains confidence in their learning ability.

Roots Co-creation of Schedule
teacher writes on paper while student watches

Student Does

  • Shares what they like and don’t like about their learning.

Teacher Does

  • Discusses schedule with student during 1:1 conference.
  • Records academic data and student feedback.
  • Adjusts student schedules based on new student information.

Technology Does

  • Provides a template for storing and sharing student interests to help inform and support instruction.
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface so teachers can change student schedules based on feedback.

Roots Student Choice in Learning Resources

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