Daily Agenda

Providing an explicit plan for students in each class


Since classrooms, lessons, and students are constantly changing in their personalized and mastery-based system, West Belden creates daily agendas to help organize the different learning activities taking place during a class period. Daily agendas are usually created after teachers meet with each other since they can provide input on which students need support in certain areas.

Student Does

  • Reviews agenda each class.
  • Looks for their name and any specific learning activities they may have (spelled out by the agenda).
  • Completes independent work if they are not assigned a group, place, or learning activity in the agenda.

Teacher Does

  • Organizes and shares structure of learning activities via agenda.
  • Includes learning resources that might be helpful to students.
  • Shares agenda with students via Google Drive.
  • Reviews agenda with students at the beginning of class.

Technology Does

  • Provides a shared document that allows teachers to organize the class structure and for students to understand it.
  • Creates an easily accessible history of daily agendas so students and classes can clearly see the evolution of their learning.