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Roots' Differentiated Teacher Roles

Content and Habits of Success teachers to specialize and support


Roots differentiates its staff into roles by both specialty as well as experience level. This allows them to clearly define responsibilities to cover the diverse student needs present in the multi-age setting, as well as support teachers in their development. Teachers are divided into two specialty teams: Academic Content and Habits of Success. (There are eight teachers per ~100 students, four of whom are academic content teachers, and four of whom are Habits of Success teachers.) The Habits of Success teachers are further divided by experience level into two lead teachers and two teaching fellows. The Academic Content group is divided further into a lead humanities teacher and a lead STEAM (STEM + Arts) teacher, and a teaching fellow in each content area.

Teachers are further divided into experience levels, with Lead teachers working with Fellows as part of the Roots Teaching Fellowship.

Responsibilities across these roles are as follows:

  • Academic Content Teachers - Primarily responsible for delivering instruction in their content areas.
  • Habits of Success Teachers - Primarily responsible for socio-emotional learning of students, including instruction and coaching.
  • Lead teachers have years of content experience and training, and are charged with overseeing the work of Fellows.
  • Teaching fellows are just starting their careers, and work alongside Leads as they grow their skill-sets and content expertise.

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