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Emphasizing Assessment Readiness

Students initiate assessments to improve their chances of success


Students only take a mastery quiz after they have sufficiently progressed through their IXL coursework. Once they have achieved a target smart score on IXL (80-100, based on teacher discretion), they cross the learning objective off on their learning agenda. Multiple learning objectives make up a standard and once they are all crossed off, the student is ready to show mastery. The student then demonstrates mastery by creating a video illustrating how they work through an easy, medium, and hard problem within that standard. After the teacher has reviewed the video, the teacher quickly conferences with the student, then the student takes the mastery quiz.

Students are responsible for assessing their progress and crossing the learning objectives off of the agenda. However, the video check, along with a quick teacher conference, help ensure students are ready for the assessment by the time they take it.

Student Does

  • Crosses learning objectives off of their learning agenda after they have achieved a mastery score within IXL.
  • Creates a video demonstrating mastery of a standard once they have crossed off all of the learning objectives within that standard.
  • Takes mastery quiz for that standard once the teacher has verified readiness by reviewing IXL work and videos.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews IXL progress to determine whether a student is ready to demonstrate mastery by creating a video.
  • Verifies student readiness for mastery assessment by reviewing the video.
  • Releases mastery assessment to student.
  • Scores assessment and provides feedback to student.

Technology Does

  • Provides a learning agenda that is easy to read and understand for determining student progress.
  • Provides the tools necessary to record and share a mastery video.
  • Provides transparent grading sheet so student can review progress.

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