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Example: Ohio State of Opportunity

The Status and Direction of Blended Learning in Ohio


In 2015, the Ohio Blended Learning Network, The Learning Accelerator, and the Clayton Christensen Institute, in collaboration with eLearning consultant Brian Bridges, conducted the Ohio Blended Learning Survey. The purpose of the survey was to provide an overview of the blended-learning environment in Ohio in general, and in particular, answer four distinct questions:

  • Who is implementing blended learning?
  • What blended-learning models are being employed?
  • How are these models being developed?
  • What are the challenges to and lessons learned from implementing blended learning?

Survey results indicated that the appetite for blended learning is strong, but that the endgame and outcomes remain unknown. Ohio, like most states, would benefit from a more collaborative and systemic approach to creating new models that prepare students for the future, while decreasing the risks and costs of developing new models. This report points to opportunities to increase the likelihood of success, and it raises some key questions that emerge beyond the face of the data:

  • How is innovation emerging and being organized in Ohio?
  • From where are ideas coming, and how are they being developed and shared elsewhere?
  • Could cross-network collaborations between schools, researchers, model developers, entrepreneurs, and others accelerate the quality of blended-learning innovation in Ohio?