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Families as Learning Partners

Engaging parents and guardians to connect learning at home and school


West Belden recognizes the large importance of family on education and child development, and is constantly working on improving the connection between home and school. Parents play a large role in developing Learner Profiles through teacher conferences, where traditional roles are reversed and teachers ask questions of the parents. Parents are also involved in other events throughout the year and educators are able to share projects with them to provide insight into what is going on in their child’s classroom. Additionally, West Belden has started to send devices home to better enable anytime, anywhere learning (about 40% of devices now go home).

Teacher Does

  • Flip the traditional teacher conference and ask parents about their child’s goals, strengths, challenges, areas of interest, etc.
  • Organize a parent event at least every quarter, with two of the events involving the aforementioned conferencing.
  • Share projects with parents via Google Docs.
  • Provide at-home devices for students that have demonstrated readiness.

Family Does

  • Prepare for non-traditional teacher conferences and answer questions to improve their child’s Learner Profile.

Technology Does

  • Allows teachers to easily share student work and progress with families.

Strategy Resources

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Family engagement in the school community results in deeper school-home relationships and can support more consistent school attendance, and culturally responsive instructional teaching. Research has shown that both of these support students’ learning and development.

Learn more about the evidence that supports Prioritizing Family Engagement at Digital Promise Global's Learner Positioning System.