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Roots' Flexible Use of Time

Teachers can modify their schedules to meet with students as needed


Teachers meet with students at least once a week, but are able to divide their time according to students’ abilities and needs. Some students may prefer to work more autonomously and are self-starters, so the teacher can quickly meet with them to show them what needs to be done. Other students may require more support and check-ins throughout the week, and the teacher can make herself available to them.

The master calendar helps content teachers create schedules focused on student need. Content time starts after Habits of Success and breakfast in the morning and continues through the majority of the day. After reviewing benchmark data (every 6-8 weeks), content teachers will schedule needs-based small and large groups during this time, while also leaving some time open so they can provide instructional support as student needs change day-to-day or week-to-week.

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