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Heterogeneous Teams

Teacher-assigned student teams to support a variety of skill levels


Teams are the second level of student support (after learning resources) when a student is stuck on a problem or goal. Having a variety of skill levels on each team ensures that team members are able to help each other when stuck.

Heterogeneous Teams
Students work in mixed-skill level teams.

Teacher Dash - Team Management Screenshot
Students compete in class competitions for goal completion, this picture shows a sample teacher dashboard of teams and results.

Student Does

  • Shares what learning objective they are working on with their team
  • Asks for help from a team member who has completed the learning objective/standard they are stuck on (if needed).
  • Provide help to team members (when possible).

Teacher Does

  • Creates heterogeneous teams with complementary skills.
  • Re-assigns teams through the year based on student progress.

Technology Does

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