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Learning Zones

Highly intentional use of space to create a variety of learning opportunities


At Roots Elementary School, school leaders and educators organized their physical layout intentionally, with a large open space (“the Grove”) in the center of the school, and small to moderate-sized classrooms (each with a maximum capacity of roughly 30 students) surrounding it. By using space in this way, Roots was able to create a multitude of learning zones for its students.

The grove is an area at Roots where students and teachers have choice around where and how they learn and work with students.

A variety of learning activities took place within the Grove, including but not limited to: reading, writing, 1:1 coaching, “making,” independent learning, and large group learning in five named Learning Zones (e.g. Flex Center, iPad Center, Library, Makers' Space, Writing Center). The classrooms outside the Grove were used for Habits of Success classes in the morning, as well as 1:1 coaching and small- and large-group instruction. These spaces corresponded with the customized schedule that teachers put together for students, allowing them many different opportunities to engage with teachers, technology, and other students throughout the day.

Roots Learning Zones Flex Center

Roots Learning iPad Center

Roots Learning Zones Library

Roots Learning Zones Maker Space

Roots Learning Zones Writing Center

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Roots The Grove Map

The Grove is an area at Roots where students and teachers have choice around where... Learn More