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Lovett Learner Profiles

Collecting data to understand students beyond academic progress


In order to better know each of their students, Lovett created Learner Profiles. Learner Profiles include academic data and additional information to help educators gain a more holistic understanding of their students. Some of the topics covered in Learner Profiles include:

  • What motivates and inspires each student
  • Where and how each student learns best
  • Barriers the student faces
  • Responsibilities the student has outside of school

(This Approach is Illustrative of LEAP's Learner Focused Strategies)

Student Does

  • Shares information about themselves, including motivators and challenges to their learning, both inside and outside the academic setting.

Teacher Does

  • References Learner Profiles to help understand their students, in terms of where they are academically and what motivates and challenges them.
  • Populates Learner Profiles with academic data.

  • Prompts students to update Learner Profiles during conferences (every month or so).

  • Provides question prompts to help students share information about themselves.

Technology Does

  • Shares Learner profiles as online documents so teachers and students can access and update it easily.

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