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Math Notebooks

Organizing student progress through content with a structured system of notes


Valor students use a notebook to guide and track progress through their online math content. Students work through math playlists, which include online instruction and activities, though students still need to work through the problems on paper. Students work through multiple math playlists throughout the year, and the notebooks provide them with a way to organize their work and notes. All math notebooks are organized in the same way and include:

    • a table of contents highlighting the playlists covered,
    • a cover sheet for each playlist that details the standards and skills they are working on in that playlist,
    • a playlist tracker that shows how they are progressing through their checks for understanding, and
    • blank paper that students use to complete their work.

Student Does

  • Checks math notebook to determine what they are working on each day.
  • Works out math problems in the math notebook, creating a body of work and notes they can reference.

Teacher Does

  • Collects math notebooks to occasionally check student work and progress.

Technology Does

  • Provides online instruction and activities that prompt work in math notebook.

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