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COVID-19 Quick View: Remote Learning Guidance & Resources

Self-Paced Progress through Playlists

Students work through playlists at their own pace


Valor individualizes math practice through self-directed and self-paced online playlists, housed in Google Docs. Each playlist is focused on a grade level math standard, allowing students to self-select a targeted playlist based on their individual needs.

Playlists takes about two to four weeks to complete and each include the following:

  • A Playlist Tracker that highlights key goals and vocabulary and tracks student progress
  • Three to five modules, targeting sub-standards, with:
    • Videos for students to explore and take notes
    • Targeted practice through Khan Academy, IXL, LearnZillion, or Summit Learning
    • A student-owned formative checkpoint in each module, assessing mastery and prompting the student to either move on or review content and retake the checkpoint
  • A multiple-choice summative assessment, entered in Illuminate for immediate feedback, which can be retaken to ensure full mastery

When students complete an entire playlist and demonstrate mastery on the summative assessment, they get to select a new playlist. In order to hold students accountable to progress, teachers set target due dates on select playlists, giving additional support (1:1 or small group instruction, extended deadlines, etc.) to students struggling to make adequate progress. Teachers have also created a set of scaffolded playlists to pull from, supporting individual students on an as-needed basis. Students who have finished all grade level playlists can “level up” and start working on playlists for the next grade level.

Student Does

  • Self-selects and works independently through playlists.
  • Monitors mastery progress through checkpoints and summative assessments, reviewing and retaking if necessary.

Teacher Does

  • Monitors student progress via Math Notebooks.
  • Supports students in progressing through circulating, 1:1/small group instruction, setting deadlines, and individualizing playlists/deadlines for struggling students.

Technology Does

  • Houses playlists in Google Docs.
  • Supports student learning and practice through videos and adaptive practice.
  • Allows demonstration of mastery with immediate feedback through checkpoints and summative assessments.