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OER Passport Online Modules

Self-paced online modules to explore and learn about OER


Mountain Heights Academy, an online charter school in Utah, has created an online self-paced tool called the OER Passport. OER Passport is a professional development program that supports educators through the process of learning about, finding, curating, and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER). Educators move through a series of self-paced modules that are available online for educators to access at any time. This course specifically focuses on OER use, reuse, licensing, and sharing through a series of tasks.

The main objectives of the course consist of:

  • Understanding the basics of OER
  • Learning about licensing
  • Setting up and connecting with OER communities
  • Finding an OER resource and sharing it
  • Creating an OER content and publishing it on OER Commons

This is a brief overview of the program, and teachers can preview the course as well as keep track of their progression.