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Playlist Data Trackers

Monitoring student progress through a simple, paper-based tool


Valor leverages paper-based tracking tools of various forms to empower students to both self-direct their learning and to set goals and monitor progress towards completion. Students primarily use two types of trackers:

    • An overall tracker used to monitor progress through all standards-based playlists throughout a semester.
    • A Playlist Tracker used to monitor progress throughout an individual playlist, indicating completion of activities and student-reported mastery on various checks for understanding.

On each tracker, students record their scores from various forms of checks for understanding (exit tickets, activities measuring mastery, etc.) and mark completed assignments. Aggregating student data onto paper trackers allows teachers to easily and quickly review each student’s progress and provide support.

Student Does

  • Selects a standards-based playlist based on those indicated in the overall tracker.
  • Records progress on playlists, activities, and checks for understanding in appropriate trackers.

Teacher Does

  • Briefly reviews individual trackers to determine appropriate supports for each student.

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