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Progress Triangulation

Looking at profile, pathway, and ongoing data to assess student progress


West Belden relies on multiple measures to assess student progress. Students and teachers look at both activities and outputs from several programs to monitor and reflect on learning in order to plan.

Student Does

  • Progresses along their Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) as expected.
  • Populates data in PLP and Learner Profile when necessary.
  • Creates data through use of online programs.
  • Provides anecdotal data to teachers about what he or she likes, doesn't like, etc.

Teacher Does

  • Reviews program usage data.
  • Reviews longer term Learning Profile data, and short/medium term PLP data.
  • Looks for trends among all three data sets to better understand each student’s learning progress

Technology Does

  • Informs teachers of autonomous student progress through online programs.
  • PLPs and LPs provide shared documents where student and teacher can review data and progress.

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