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Short-Cycle Innovation Approach

Structured testing for new ideas and products with educators


When considering starting a new initiative, Trailblazer uses a short cycle innovation approach.

The approach starts with recognizing a challenge or opportunity to improve in the school, then considering possible solutions. One or multiple solutions might be selected and tested with a small group of teachers. After the small group has tested it, the leaders of the initiative will collect data on how well the solution(s) worked and use that to inform potential scale.

When Trailblazer creates a short cycle innovation for a solution, they make sure to include a project plan that addresses the following questions:

  • Who will be implementing the solution?

  • What resources are available to them?

  • What is the cost of the potential solution?

  • What are the goals of the solution?

  • What is the potential path to scale and sustainability?

  • What is the first step in starting this work?

  • What are the key milestones for implementing this work?

  • What is the criteria used to measure whether this work is successful or not?