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Single-Gender Grouping via “Prides”

Deliberately selected single-gendered small groups that form social-emotional learning communities


Valor students participate in small communities called “Prides” throughout the week. Valor’s social-emotional learning (SEL) focus places a large premium on relationships and community development, and Prides provide students with more opportunities to do so. Prides are all-male or all-female groups of about 20 students. Homerooms could be considered a traditional analogue to time spent in Prides, though Prides are packed with additional elements that benefit students.

Prides meet every day of the school week for approximately 30 minutes. Most of this time is dedicated to academic and SEL coaching, which is facilitated through the Pride Coaching Tool (see resources). Once a week, Prides meet together for a grade level meeting (each grade gets their own day). On Fridays, Prides meet for an hour to participate in Circle, a foundational SEL practice that focuses on individual, interpersonal, and community growth.

Student Does

  • Stays in the same Pride for two years, fostering deep relationships with peers.
  • Progresses through self-directed SEL work.
  • Checks in with teacher after completing individual components of SEL work.
  • Requests help from teacher as needed to ensure proper academic progress.

Teacher Does

  • Serves as a mentor (Pride Leader) to students for one year.
  • Monitors students SEL growth with the Pride Coaching Tool.
  • Provides academic coaching as needed.
  • Facilitates Circle for students.

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Screenshot of a spreadsheet showing tracking and coaching for a Pride. The spreadsheet shows the current phase of a project, whether or not the project is on track, coaching notes (such as “Finished BH, on SM, turned in CS, done with SM, presenting NP 9/1), initial markers (Sharp Mind, Noble Purpose, Mastery Markers, Phase Pres), and Commitment markers (Badges 1-5, Mastery Markers, Phase Pres)