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Structural Blended Model: Station Rotation and Individual Rotation

Rotation with Higher Levels of Individualization Over Time


Trailblazer primarily uses a mix of station rotation and individual rotation models for blended learning. Students at Trailblazer follow individual paths, which guide them into rotation-based activities. Students in K-2 teams often have a more structured station rotation model, in which “students experience the Rotation model within a contained classroom or group of classrooms…[rotating] on a fixed schedule or at the teacher’s discretion between learning modalities, at least one of which is online learning” (Christensen Institute). Students in 3-5 teams incorporate more individual rotation, using individualized playlists and schedules in their Learner Pathways.

Some examples of types of rotations at Trailblazer include: manipulatives, group work, independent work, technology, and time with teacher.

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